Value Added Services

Supplementary services, before, during and after production process, in addition to usual services like storage and transport, improve integrity throughout supply chain. Value added services ensure customers to outsource procurement and distribution activities in rest assured. Therefore, it lets us balance logistics affairs and supply the required quality about final products to your markets. Certainly this procedure reduces your service cost and time. Our value added services (VAS) consist of:

Packaging and unpacking

Packing and unpacking different goods in plastic baggage, jumbo, wood frame, cardboard box, baskets and barrels on pallets considering loading, unloading, safety and security standards.  


Instrument installation, baggage filling, conveyor systems preparation and picking(laying out) goods in containers


Instrument installation, baggage and container evacuation, conveyor systems preparation 

Taking, counting and handling of inventory

Counting of goods, inventory documentation, taking and handling based on storage standards and priorities. 


Baggage, liquid vessels, industrial instruments and solid goods fitted coverages against sunshine, dust, rain, snow and deformation. Certainly, it helps you for transportation, warehousing and advertisement.  


Specification labels installation such as technical features, weight, volume, MSDS, production and expiration dates, and etc. in different types.

Risk management

For decreasing depreciation and waste of time, raw materials, human resources, instruments and other added costs, we have provided risk management based on ISO 9001 and HSE-MS as a supporting service. 

Inspection and Quality Control

Inspection and quality control of processes and equipment (tankers, trucks, warehouses and etc.) based on our quality control plan and global standards before, during and after fulfillment for sustainable logistics. 


Secure contracts with valid domestic and international insurance companies for your consignment and agreement. 

Reverse logistics and return management

Reverse logistics and return management are one of leading logistics service provider features. Because of our commitments to costumers, society and environments, based on CRM and quality control plan, we are able to manage your damaged or polluted consignment and replace or improve it as soon as possible.  Moreover, we always use reverse logistics issues in internal processes for cost, time and waste reduction.

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