PTEC has provided vast covered and open-air warehouses and state-of-the-art equipment with employing experienced staff and storage standards use such as FIFO, HIFO, LIFO and MHD and also HSE and IT integrated systems for customers simultaneously. Therefore, we are able to store your goods (liquid, solid, gas, industrial instrument, machinery and etc.) in different shape and package like Jumbo, baggage, barrels, vessels, iso tank, bulk and cardboard box and etc. in low or high volume and weights during short and long period of time.

Meanwhile, PTEC as a shareholder of TTPC has the possibility to keep your chemical liquid and compressed gases in standard vessels in Mahshahr and Assaluyeh for domestic and international usage. Consequently, we have the ability to import and export mentioned stored dangerous consignments via our loading and unloading infrastructures in Imam khomeni and Assaluyeh (Pars) ports.

For storage, Pls. contact: (+9821)88576455,