Industries / Customers

Regarding our abilities, locations and infrastructures, we are able to serve different industries by integrated production logistics services.

► Chemicals

Due to our chemical goods carriage tankers, we have the ability to carry hazardous liquid, compressed gas and solid consignment of upstream and downstream chemical companies such as petrochemical, refinery and painting factories safely based on domestic and international rules.

Hazardous liquids: Benzene, Styrene, Para-xylene, Xylene, Toluene, Gasoline, Hexane, Ethylene Glycol, Vinyl, liquid gases, Naphtha, Sulfuric acid, Nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, Liquid sulfur and etc.

Hazardous compressed gases: Ammonia, Propane, Pantene, Propylene, Butane, LPG and etc.

Solids: Poly ethylene, Ploy propylene, Mono-styrene, SBR, Sulfur, rubber, liquid barrels and containers and etc.

Moreover, we provide complementary logistics service for your supply chain.  

 Upstream industries*

Oil and gas refineries, petrochemicals, oil production plants, oil terminals

(*They produce chemical raw materials)

 Downstream industries**

Plastic goods producers, painting and resin industries, adhesive producer companies, Styrofoam factories

(**They apply chemical raw materials)

► Metals

Producers and importers of metal products such as rolls, ingots, artifacts, profiles and melting or recycling factories 

► Minerals

Mines and mineral products producers such as Copper, Bauxite, Zinc, Steel, Lead, Manganese, Salt, etc.

► Building and Construction

Producers and importers of aggregates such as ashlar, bricks, blocks, cement, plaster, ironware, sanitary facilities, electrical equipment, pipes, telecommunication instruments, woods, adhesive and etc. 

► Machinery

Producers and importers of industrial instruments, machinery of production lines, control, supportive, instrumentation and conveyor systems

► Automotive

Automobile and spare parts manufacturers and importers 

► Agriculture and Forestry

Producers of agricultural products, dairy, fruit concentrate, compote and related industries such as poison and fertilizer producers

► Pharma

Producers of drugs, health products and cosmetics 

► Textile

Producers of fabrics, cottons, clothes and carpets

► Consumer products 

Producers and importers of daily consumer products